Unlike brick and mortar medical spas, Sleeq Mobile Aesthetics offers aesthetic procedures and products on-demand from the comfort and discretion of a patient’s home, office, or special event. Sleeq is founded and managed by two sub-specialty trained, board-certified physicians, Dr. Lisa Beard and Dr. Ryan Steward, each with extensive experience in women’s healthcare oversight. Realizing the demand for aesthetic treatments, they began to research the cosmetic medicine industry and discovered an apparent lack of direct physician oversight. Desiring to fill that void, they saw an opportunity to establish a convenient, high-end service that would ensure the highest level of care in a white glove, at-your-service fashion.

Drs. Steward and Beard have been colleagues and close family friends for over 10 years since they met at residency at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Memorial Hermann Hospital. They and their spouses – Sleeq Co-Founders Jeff Beard and Ashley Steward – have long since dreamed of running a business together. Through Sleeq, they are able to serve women and men in Houston who are seeking safe, effective, and discreet aesthetic treatments. They are passionate about helping patients empower themselves to be healthier and feel better in their skin, and they are excited to see their mission become a reality.

Sleeq’s four co-founders are supported by a hand-selected team of injectors who are nurse practitioners  with a passion for aesthetic medicine. They arrive at appointments wearing Sleeq-branded scrubs and carrying a gold equipment case. Most importantly, their welcoming and professional demeanor makes patients feel at ease and confident about their procedures.

Between Dr. Steward and Dr. Beard, and their exceptional access to highly-trained personnel, never before has such a company been founded and overseen by more qualified leadership. Sleeq takes pride in its ability to deliver patients a level of professional care unrivaled by even the most high-end boutiques in the industry.

For any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Team Sleeq at [email protected]